Write For Us

Do you have a flair for writing? And are you searching for any such platform using which you can showcase your skills? If yes, we at Web Crazy offer you to write for us. 

If you hold expertise in different genres and know how to present the information to the users in a unique way so that the content has an impact on the readers. Feel free to reach us, as we can provide you the space for writing.

What are Our Niches?

We at Web Crazy have a talented and efficient team, which is striving regularly to write the perfect content in different niches. Some of the categories we are covering right now are

Science & TechnologySportsHealth
Social MediaBusinessSoftware and application
GeneralNewsDating and Relationship

Our main concern with such varied categories is to provide information to our readers in all aspects of the day to day life so that they do not get stuck with any of the facets. 

The Criterion of Article Submission

If you have decided to write for us, we have a list of some points which are essential to be followed so as to have the best content. These are below, have a look.

  1. Unique or Original

    The article created should be unique, which means the content should be plagiarism-free and not copied from anywhere, as there is no point in delivering the information as it is from another website. So, give another look at the content before submitting it.
  2. Citation

    While mentioning the stats or any analyzed data into the content, there is a need of mentioning an external link or reference link of the same for the purpose of authenticity.
  3. Word Limit of Content

    There is no word limit as such but the minimum word limit in an article should not be less than 1000 words.
  4. Meta Description

    Once you have finished up the writing of an article, you should provide a short snippet that must include a summary of the whole article.
  5. No Promotions

    The essence of the article should not be promotional and necessarily it should not drive the traffic to your brand by any means.

How to Begin?

If you are finding it hard to start, feel free to check the articles already published on our website. Also, trace our website once, so that you could have the idea of what topic to be favored or what not to be, as it might be possible that the article you are about to start might have already been present on the website. So, care should be taken while starting writing on any of the topics. Also, get an introduction of the quality needed in the article by going through the already published articles.

Publication Procedure

Once you have written the article, it will undergo scrutiny by our professional writers and once it is approved, it will be published on the website. 

While performing the inspection, several things will be considered like

  • Whether the content is original or not
  • Does the article have a good structure or not?
  • Will it aid users in any form?
  • And many more

If any modification is required, it will be carried out by our expert writers. Once this whole process gets completed, you will be informed within 2 to 3 business days.

Also, you are not allowed to republish the article when it has been published by us.

It is to be noted that guest posts are eligible for only a year and once this duration is reached your article can be removed from our website.