How to Fix A 5G Network Connectivity Issue On Your Phone

Phone  January 31, 2023

Network of 5g

5G services were rolled out in 2019, but are only limited to major cities and will take some time for widespread availability. The speed of this network works like the fiber internet connections at home, but sometimes you don’t get the same speed because there might be a network connection issue. 

There are various reasons why it isn’t 5g working on the phone, and most of them are simple to resolve. Sometimes there is a technical malfunction, you are simply not in the network coverage area, or your cell phone is not compatible, which is why your phone is not connecting to 5g. This guide will help to restore your 5G network.

What to Do If Your Phone Not Connecting With 5G 

5G Data

You might face a problem because of the data restriction on your phone. The carriers in the USA are not providing unlimited data, and the data consumption is fast. You can easily know your plan’s leftover data and the total allocated data. You can find this on your Android phone under Settings’s Mobile Data/Data Usage area, then disable the Limit mobile data usage box.


Setting  → Mobile Data/Data Usage → Limit Mobile Data Usage

Update Your Phone 

Make sure you have updated your Smartphone’s operating system, as the latest versions of iOS and Android are compatible with the 5G network and help you to connect easily. Go to the Phone Setting and check for System Update to ensure it has the latest version. Even if the 5g is not showing up on iPhone or Android, this method is apt. 

Restart Your Phone

Restarting your phone is an easy step that you should not overlook, but this process takes time to load your apps. Press the Power Button to Restart your phone.

Switch Airplane Mode

Airplane mode can help in case you are facing a network issue, as it forces the phone to reconnect to the connection; you can turn Airplane Mode ON and then OFF for 30 seconds for the connection.

Wireless & network

Setting  → Wireless & network →  Airplane Mode

5G Coverage

Make sure you are in the coverage area of the network because there are huge gaps that make it unreliable in some areas. Your 5G phone will push you back to LTE or 4G in case it doesn’t find a 5G network. You can check the network coverage map on your carrier’s website.

5G Plan

You should always confirm what coverage is included in your plan. Even when you are in the 5G coverage area, and your phone doesn’t show, it might be possible that you are not paying for a 5G access plan. Most carriers provide 5G services but to be on the safer side, check this with your provider.

5G Compatible Phone

You should make sure that your ‘new’ phone supports 5G or not. 5G works on some 4G phones, but you should visit the provider’s website to verify that your phone supports 5G. You can also check the device box for its specs.

Switching SIM Card

You can reinsert the SIM Card in your phone to resolve the internet issue. Make sure that the device is completely switched off while removing the SIM Card. Sometimes, using an older SIM Card can prevent the higher internet connectivity in your phone. You can connect the customer support of the service provider to configure your older SIM Card for 5G internet access.

Turning 5G ON 

You can turn on or off your 5G in case you face an internet issue. 5G mode is not active on your device, which is why you have no connection. You can find this under the Voice & Data area of Settings.

Contact Your Service Provider

Contact the customer support of your service provider to know about other options when you tried everything and still, you have no solution. They might have additional advice to your query, “why does my 5g not work?”.

Factory Reset

You can reset your phone easily, but this is the last resort, as it will delete all your customized data and restore the original apps and system to default. You should back up your data before you reset the phone.

delete all


Ans: C Spire launched their 5G services back in 2018 for customers across Mississippi, with a download speed of 120 Mbps and upload speed of up to 600 Mbps.

Ans: To get additional help from customer support, you can call these numbers:

  • AT&T: 800-331-0500
  • US Cellular: 1888-944-9400
  • Sprint: 888-211-4727
  • T-Mobile: 1877-746-0909
  • Verizon Wireless: 800-922-0204

Ans: There are a few ways to cancel your 5G plans if you are not satisfied with their service

You can call customer support and request the cancellation of your plan on phone. You can also initiate a cancellation request via chat, or visit the store of your network provider to change your plan.

Ans: You can always turn Airplane mode ON, and then switch it OFF after 30 seconds to reestablish your network connection, this will resolve the network issue.

Ans: In case you have a 5G plan and you are also in the network coverage area, there is a chance that your mobile phone is not compatible with the service. You can check the specs of your phone on the box or Google it.

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