SSM Smart Square Login Portal Access Direction 2023

Health  February 13, 2023

SSM Login

SSM health smart square is software for healthcare professionals with huge automated features, including scheduling, planning, deploying, and much more. SSM Health enables you with content, suggestions, and services.

The shared information below will help you easily log in to the smart square ssm portal. You will also get acquainted with their healthcare service and directions when you forget your password.

Easy Login to Smart Square Login Portal

The following steps will help you log in to SSM Smart square login portal easily.

  • Enter the official login website URL of smart square or tap here SSM health. The smart square login page will appear in front of you.
  • Click on the option “SSM Health My Chart” option present at the beginning of the page.
    SSM health my chart option
  • On the next page you will be asked to log in with your password. 
    SSM health my chart sign-in page

You can also sign up for easy login through easy directions present on the website.

Direction When You Forget Password

You might forget the password of SSM health smart square and need some assistance to come out of it. Follow the steps below to know your password for SSM smart square login.

  • When you enter the login page SSM health, the login username and password will be asked. Below Forgot password option will appear. Tap on it.
    forgot password option
  • Next page will ask you for an email for recovering the password details and help with the smart square login. Put the email and tap “send”.
    Login email for recovering password at SSM Health
  • Passwords or supporting links will be provided in your email. If you are unable to find it, then contact the customer service of smart square scheduling login customer service.

How to Access MyChart Application?

mychart app

Mychart helps you stay connected with healthcare information like reviewing the test results, medication, immunization history, and much more information. One can schedule and manage appointments, get price estimates for the cost of care, view or pay medical bills, or connect your account with another healthcare organization. Steps to login to MyChart Application are presented below. They are the same for apple and android users.

MyChart Android Address: MyChart Android Application

MyChart Apple Address: MyChart Apple Store

Before accessing the MyChart application, you must have an account for your healthcare organization. 

  • First, download the application.
  • Search for your healthcare organization or go to your healthcare organization’s MyChart website. 
  • After signup, turn up the face ID, Touch ID, or four-digit password to avoid the username and password information.
  • Push notification to enable updates on your device for MyChart 

Brief Discussion on Smart Square

SSM alias SSM smart square temple’s rich history began on November 16, 1872, in St. Louis, inspired by the religious sisters. It’s a catholic care delivery network that serves communities across the Midwest.

They help more than 40,000 employees who access their systems which consist of 300 physician offices. SSM health system is a nonprofit mission. Its website provides users access to information services of general interest to visitors, such as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Nevertheless, one is not advised to use this website as a substitute for their physician’s advice or delay in obtaining diagnosis or treatments.

As per the authorized SSMHC login page, you are solely responsible for selecting, changing, and maintaining the security of your username, password, and account information.

The Hospitality and Management Service of Smart Square 

SSM is apt to provide a commitment to various healthcare operations. Let’s get the gist of the healthcare management service provided by them.

  • They develop products and service solutions that are essential to support the delivery of exceptional healthcare service.
  • Engaging users through established solution groups.
  • Placing the patient caregiver at the center of everything they do.
  • Seek relationships with suppliers who are dedicated to supporting the mission of SSM health.
  • SSM health non-payroll spend management model work for uniform deployment supply chain, management strategies, end-user engagement, analytic proficiencies, and much more.

Wrap Up health ministries are present across Southern Illinois, the greater St. Louis metropolitan area, mid-Missouri, Oklahoma, and south central Wisconsin and provide a robust healthcare system, revealing God’s healing presence. Their exceptional service is nesting inpatient admissions to 163,826, 5.7M Medical group appointments, 88,060 outpatient surgeries, and 250,786 homecare visits.


Ans: SSM Health has provided a $393M Community Benefit in the year 2021.

Ans: Diversity and Inclusion is an integral parts of how they operate.

Ans: In 1872, mother Mary Odilia Berger, with her companion, inspired SSM health to serve resources and reach out to people in devastating conditions.

Ans: SSM health ministry is spread across Southern Illinois, the greater St. Louis metropolitan area, mid-Missouri, Oklahoma, and south central Wisconsin.

Ans: After completing the application of SSM health with interview and information requirements, one needs to attend a new volunteer orientation, and that’s it.

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