MyGroundBiz Account Login Guide 2023? My Ground Biz Account Log-In in Easy Steps

Business  February 27, 2023

MyGroundBiz login

FedEx is the world’s biggest express transportation organization. Operating at the largest scale possible, it transports more than 3.6 million shipments worldwide on a business day. A company as big as this has many departments that come together to ensure everything is done perfectly.


My Ground Biz portal works as the perfect support for operations at FedEx Ground, a subsidiary of FedEx. It is designed for people affiliated with FedEx Ground, and the portal is filled with features and functions that you should know about.

If you’re working with FedEx Ground, then you should see what the portal can do for you. Before we get to the benefits and features, you should first learn how to do the MyGroundBizAccount login, as that is the first step for assessing the portal.

This guide will introduce you to and show you how to do the My Ground Biz login without any issues.

About MyGroundBiz Portal

MyGroundBiz Portal by FedEx allows people to see their shipment details, contact vendors, settlement/charge statements, and access all kinds of important details.

This login interface is for people and companies that are working with FedEx Ground. Users can access settlement and charge statements, get important announcements from the company, get vendor links, and even sell transport services.

The MyGroundBiz portal is open to everyone. If you’re not aware of how to do the login, then all you need to do is follow the step-by-step process below, and you’ll be free to explore the portal.

Before you gain access to MyGroundBiz, you need to become a member and create an account for personal use. Read below how to do that.

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How to Register for My Ground Biz Account?

You can’t log in to the portal without a My Ground Biz account. Creating an account on the portal is not a big deal, and you can do that in just a few minutes. 

Here is the step-by-step registration process for a MyGroundBiz account:

  1. Go to
    mygroundbiz portal
  1. Click on Create Account.
    click on create account
  1. Enter your Personal Information.
    enter your personal information
  1. Clear the Human verification captcha.
    clear human verification captcha
  1. Now click on the Create Account option.
    create mygroundbizaccount
  1. Next, you will get your FedEx Id and Password in your email.

If you have your account ready, then you are eligible to do the MyGroundBiz Account Login, but before that, you should know what the login requirements are.

Requirements for MyGroundBizAccount Login

Login requirements are essential for you to connect with, as without these, you won’t be able to access the portal and its features. 

MyGroundBiz Account Login Requirements:

  • A stable internet connection.
  • Web browser with the latest version updated.
  • Login credentials.
  • A computer, smartphone, or tablet.

These requirements are vital for you to do the MyGroundBiz account login, as they guarantee a stable and secure connection with the portal.

MyGroundBiz Account Login Process

With the requirements fulfilled, nothing is stopping you from doing the MyGroundBiz account login. 

Follow the step-by-step process below to access the portal.

  1. Go to
    go to com
  1. Enter your FedEx Id.
    my ground biz login
  1. Insert your MyGroundBiz account password.
  1. Now click on Sign in.

That’s all you need to do, and the MyGroundBiz portal will be open to you.

There is more than one website by which you can access the portal, but you only need to know this one.

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Benefits & Features of MyGroundBiz Login

With the portal open to you, here are the benefits and features you will get after doing the MyGroundBiz account login. 

  • Operation/Workforce Information
  • Schedules
  • Charge Statements and Invoice Information
  • IC/ISP Reports and Data
  • CSP Agreements
  • Vehicle Details
  • Employee Details
  • Work Management Guides
  • Customer Service
  • Easy Access to Help Desk
  • Pick-up and Delivery Information
  • Manage Transportation

These are the features that are available to MyGroundBiz portal users. Now that you know what awaits you, it will be easy to use the portal.

How to Reset Your MyGroundBiz Account Password?

MyGroundBiz account login, then it is probably because you are inserting the wrong password. If this is true and you don’t know what your password is, then you can use the process below to do a quick reset of your My Ground Biz password.

  1. Go to
    go to mygroundbiz portal
  1. Click on Sign In.
    click on sign in
  1. Select Forgot Password.
    forgot password
  1. Enter your Email Address.
    enter your email address
  1. Click on Reset Password.
    click on reset password
  1. Check your Email and click on the Link sent to you by FedEx.
  2. Create a New Password for your MyGroundBiz account.

Learning how to reset your MyGroundBizAccount password will benefit you later because you need to update your My Ground Biz password every 90 days. This is because of a policy by FedEx, that’s why you should learn how to reset your FedEx password.

How to Contact My Ground Biz Customer Care?

If you experience any problems or issues while using the MyGroundBiz Portal, you can use the information from this section to contact the help desk at FedEx. Feel free to contact FedEx customer care from the information given below.

You can contact authorities at My Ground Biz either by calling them or writing to them, from their “Contact Us” page. 

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Ans: Error code 101 occurs when the user account no longer exists. So if you are seeing this, then contact customer care and ask for assistance.

Ans: Yes, you can change and create a new password if it has already expired.

Ans: No, there is no mobile app for My Ground Biz, and it can only be accessed through a web browser.

Ans: Yes, you can use the MyGroundBiz portal to apply for transportation work.