All About Home Depot My Apron Portal: Login Steps, Reset Password, Culture & Benefits 2023

Business  February 13, 2023

Apron Portal

Home Depot My Apron Portal and the self-service portal have been built specifically for its employee’s login and access to essential information, including work schedules, work hours, payslips, pay schedules, and much more. Home Depot was founded in 1978 by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank for the home improvement and retail industry. 

MyApron provides home improvement and renovation services. The founders’ vision transformed them into one-stop shopping, and they built their first home depot stores on June 22, 1979, in Atlanta and Georgia locations. The first stores were the competition itself and stocked more than 25,000 products for the average technical store that existed at that time.

Currently, with 2,300 stores in North America, it has become one of the world’s largest home improvement retailers. Leadership to them means to excel in service for customers, associates, communities, and shareholders. 

Let’s walk through easy steps to build a home depot employee login, reset the password, and create a new account at their MyApron HomeDepot retailing service, career offers, and benefits here.

What is MyApron Portal? Way to Access Home Depot Ess Login

MyApron portal has been built specifically for its employees to help them access and manage their work schedules. Home Depot employees can visit schedules and pay slips through a secure login, following which you will enter the company’s network. Both employees and associates can review the essential information, like home fund details. The MyApron Home Depot is an employee-friendly web tool that helps in workload management with fewer login entry credentials. 

Home Depot employee schedules portal balance personal details and lives in the My schedule. 

Why is MyApron Web Portal Used?

MyApron web portal is made to help associates and employees with login specifically. Some of the highlighted use of their service is as follows.

  • One can easily find or review information related to payments, payslips, payrolls, and paychecks.
  • All the information around the Tax and pay statements of employees is present.
  • Home Depot employees can easily update their mailing and email addresses.
  • One can watch their leave of absence(LOA) and print those packages of leave of absence.

How to Create An Account at Home Depot?

The step to establishing an account at Home Depot is quite easy. All you need to do is

  • The appeared page will ask you for login credentials; below, you will find the “Create an account option.” Tap it.
    Creating an account on Home Depot
  • Next, choose a personal account option.
  • Fill in all the essential details, including Email, password, Zipcode, Company Name, and company address.
    creating pro-Xtra account
  • While filling in the credentials, later click on the “Create an Account” or “Register for Pro Xtra” option.

My Apron Home Depot Employee Login Steps

Easy login to My Apron account can be done easily by keeping the login credentials in mind.

  • First, enter your login ID or username.
  • Next, fill in the password.
  • At last, Tap the login option.

Login Steps for My Apron Former Employees

The former employees at My Apron can log in easily by following the steps

  • Move to the login website URL “Former Associates Access to Employee Self Service.” This employee service portal is specially built for former employees and associates, slightly different from the normal login portal.
    Employee self service login
  • Fill in your identification details like your last name, date of birth, and social security number(SSN).
  • Next, solve the captcha present below carefully.
  • At last, tap on the “continue to security validation” option.

The steps above will take you directly to the home depot employee website. 

Direction to Reset the My Apron Home Depot Password

After knowing the right steps for home depot My Apron login, if somehow you forgot your password, resetting a new password is also pretty easy. My Apron provides the option for building a new password. Follow the steps given below to retrieve your password. 

  • Move to the login page of the My Apron portal
  • Click on forgot password option below the password option.
  • As asked on the next page, fill in your email ID details. Now Tap on the submit option. 
  • Move to your email inbox and tap on the link present.
  • On the Appearing next page, fill in the new password and confirm it.
  • Click the Reset Password option.
  • Now move to the Home Depot com login page and try the new password for login.

What is Home Depot Self-Service?

Home Depot’s self-service allows its members and associates to change and review some very basic and important information like a personal address. Self-service allows you to communicate with Home Depot regarding taxes, benefits, etc.

From Home Depot self-service, you can gather the following information

  • View your Associate profile
  • Watch your Leave of Absence(LOA) status.
  • Review and print tax statements and historical payslips.
  • View Leave of Absence(LOA) status and print LOA packets.
  • Change any required tax withholdings.
  • Edit or activate your direct deposit information.
  • Enroll in the payroll card.
  • Alter or enroll in your homer fund deduction.

Culture at Home Depot ess

As per the shared thoughts of the CEO and president of Home Depot, Ted Dekker, “Our core values are not just something we post in our lobby. They define who we are and how we operate. Our associates, who live by them each day, are what set us apart as a truly special place to work and build a career.” 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are the three pillars of building their company, employees, and associates. The company believes in the environment and associates from engaging different backgrounds and experiences that can help in leading in the future. In 2021 they hired 57% of ethnically diverse employees, and 36% of them were women. The company spent $5B on diverse suppliers in 2021.

Benefits Provided by Home Depot My Apron

The Home Depot takes care of their associates and families through various health and wellness benefits, financial planning, associate discounts, and benefits for the whole family. They believe that proper care for employees and their families is important. Home Depot provides overwhelming personal care solution that includes

  • Center-based and in-home care, where you can manage the work and childcare at the same time.
  • It provides access to the nationwide database to quickly find babysitters, virtual sitting, housekeepers, pet care, and unlimited basic background checks at no cost. 
  • 24×7 virtual doctor for physical and mental well-being. 
  • They do provide discounts on fitness equipment, programs, and gym memberships at no cost.
  • It provides a retirement savings plan that allows saving for the future with the advantage of tax savings.
  • They happily provide references and support for several colleges’ saving plans. It also aids associates in comparing the right plans and decisions.
  • They offer tuition reimbursement and scholarships with discounted tuition rates at partner universities and colleges.

Careers at My Apron Home Depot and Way to Apply for It

The company has gained the 2022 world best employer award from Forbes. The company posts a huge amount of job opportunities with various listed categories. Through filters, you can easily choose the desired job. The category of jobs includes technology, communication, merchandise, retail, outside sales, stored leadership, tool technician, and much more. 

Follow the step below to easily apply for jobs at Home Depot.

  • On the top of the page, select the search box and type the job type.
  • Apply filters to the job by choosing the job location, zip code, etc. This feature will help you choose the relevant job more efficiently.
  • Review the job details with the location and benefits chart. Tap the Apply button after viewing all information.
  • Now finish the application process by visiting the Home Depot account. 
  • By logging into your account with your login credentials, finish the application details.
  • Fill in the details and apply.

Customer Service

You can contact the login customer team through the information below.

Contact Number:1 (800) 466-3337
General Assistant Contact Number:1-800-555-4954
HR Service Contact:1-866-(1-866-698-4347)
Benefits Choice Center Phone Number:1-800-555-4954


Ans: The employees can easily access the payslips and history from MyApron Account through the login credentials.

Ans: The employee pricing program enables Home Depot employees to receive discounts at almost 30,000 local and international brands and businesses.

Ans: Simply sign in to, select log in with your My Apron ID, and then choose weekly hourly information. 

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