How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Discord?

Internet  January 31, 2023

IP Address on Discord

Want to know how to find someone’s IP address on Discord?

There are multiple methods and tools from which you can find anyone’s IP address from Discord. 

Below we have mentioned the ways which will answer your query. Be ready to take in information and apply the steps we have for you. 

How Discord Works?

With over 300 million users, Discord is one of the most used platforms in the world. Its unique design and features allow its users to communicate in a way that other platforms can’t. 

This gives Discord a unique environment that is loved by its users who all spend a lot of their time on the platform. Discord’s interface consists of multiple servers and accounts that all play a different part in Discord.

With something always happening on Discord, there are times when it is necessary to know someone’s IP address. An example of this is, how in Minecraft you need to know the IP address of your friend to join their server. 

Another reason why you need to know how to get someone’s IP through Discord is to know their location as there are a lot of people impersonating other people. By knowing someone’s IP you can locate which country they’re from, this will surely help you when you’re suspicious of someone.

Is It Possible to Find Someone’s IP Address through Discord?

The short and right answer is no, as Discord’s security protocol makes it one of the most secure platforms when it comes to the task we have in mind. 

Discord uses Transport Layer Security and utilizes many more security measures to protect its users from each other. But there are still ways by which you can find someone’s IP address.

While not directly from Discord, you’re gonna have to utilize different tools and put more effort than you may have imagined.

How To Find Someone’s IP Address on Discord?

There are multiple methods by which you can find the IP address of someone on Discord, here we have mentioned only three methods that will be suitable and easy to do for everyone.

Use Discord IP Grabber Extension

Knowing how to use the Discord IP Grabber extension will surely help you. This tool is the best IP tracker you can have your hands on. While it will give you everything you need, the process can be difficult for some people.

  1. Go to Discord’s Official Website
    Discord official website
  1. Visit Discord’s Developer Portal
    Discord developer portal
  1. Click on the Applications Option and Create a New Application.
    New Application
  1. Now Visit OAuth2 
    oauth2 Discord developer portal
  1. Click on Add Redirect
    add redirect discord
  1. Now Copy the User’s ID
  1. Paste it on the Column Next to the Link you’ve Inserted.
  1. Now Create a New File 

After using Discord IP Grabber download any necessary information you need.

Use the Discord IP Resolver Tool 

Discord’s IP resolver is a tracking tool that you can utilize to collect information from Discord. The process ahead is simple but still, it requires your attention.

  1. Visit your Account Settings
    discord setting
  1. Go to the Advanced Option
    Discord advanced settings
  1. Activate Developers Mode
    Discord developers mode
  1. Choose a User and right-click on their profile & copy their ID
    Discord copy ID
  1. Paste it on Discord IP Resolver’s website
  1. Click on resolve to see the IP address
    click on resolve to see the IP address

Use Grabify IP Logger

Discord mobile users will be satisfied with the Grabify IP logger. This tool serves as the viable answer to how to get someone’s IP through Discord as it is easy to use and also gives you what you need.

Follow the steps below to get someone’s IP on Discord.

  1. Select a Link That you Want to Send to Your Friend
    Copy a link
  1. Paste the Link on and Click on Create URL
    grabify IP looger
  1. Click on View Other Link Shorteners
    shorten your link
  1. Choose the Link which suits you
    choose a link
  1. Send the Link to your friend
    Discord IP grabber extension

Now if the user will click on the link then you will get the notification and it will be visible from the Grabify website.

Use Wireshark

Wireshark is a protocol analyzer, it allows you to capture and analyze data traffic passing through a communication. If you know how to get someone’s IP on Discord with Wireshark then you can do a lot more as this analyzer can be used to track anything.

  1. Install Wireshark
    Install Wireshark
  1. Explore The Tracking Function Of Wireshark
    tracking function on Wireshark
  1. Start Discord
    open Discord
  1. Search For Discord on Wireshark
    search for Discord on Wireshark
  1. Find The IP 

After searching for Discord on Wireshark you’ll be able to see all the traffic which is going through it. You will also be able to see the IP address of the person you have selected.

What You Can Do With an IP Address?

The IP address of someone can help in cases of cybercrime, identity thefts/impersonations, and most importantly when you’re doing business with someone. Knowing how to find someone’s IP address on Discord will help you handle any scam that’s coming your way.

Regardless of the good things you can be doing, there are bad things too. But because of the developments in the field of cybersecurity, it is always advised against doing some foul activity online as you would get caught. 

Apart from every reason we have discussed above, the sole reason why people want to know how to find someone’s IP address on Discord is that they want to completely ban these users from reaching them online.

With the online space being massive, sometimes you stumble into people who you don’t want to contact, during that time knowing how to get someone’s IP through Discord will help you greatly.

How To Hide Your IP Address on Discord?

Now that you know how to get someone’s IP through Discord and how easy it is, you must be thinking about how to hide your IP address from Discord.

A VPN, also known as a Virtual Private Network is the right tool for this. Using a VPN you can encrypt your online data through a different server than yours and access the internet from a different IP address.

Make sure to take a look at the top VPNs in the market and see which one benefits you the best.


 While it is a task that is possible, you should still know that there are risks on every webpage on the internet. Looking for how to find someone’s IP address on discord, you should be aware that any illegal activity you have in mind will come with equal consequences.

As cyber security has progressed further than ever, you should know that punishment will surely come to you. 


Ans: No, no law permits anyone from finding the IP address of someone, but what you do after that can have some serious consequences.

Ans: Yes. a VPN is an amazing tool that will protect your data and let you access a better internet through accessing multiple servers. But, if you choose a VPN that is not good, then you can suffer as some free VPNs don’t do a good job.

While selecting a VPN, make sure to do enough research

Ans: If you don’t want to send someone a link, then you can use Wireshark and IP Resolver