What is The Dogpile Search Engine? A Complete Guide On Dogpile.com

Search Engine  January 31, 2023


When it comes to search engines, Dogpile offers something no engine is capable of doing. Created in 1996 by Aaron Filn, Dogpile quickly gained attention online as it provided better search results than any other search engine.

Dogpile does everything a search engine does, but better. Every search you make on Dogpile will be a revised and updated version from multiple search engines.

Though some consider it outdated, the Dogpile search engine is still active and working properly. Providing value to its users, Dogpile can become one of the best tools in your inventory. If you know what to do with it, you can surely utilize every aspect of www dogpile com. 

We have created this guide for you; it contains everything you need to know about the Dogpile search engine in 2023. Going through this guide, you’ll know what Dogpile is and what it can do for you.

What is the Dogpile Search Engine?

Technically not a search engine, Dogpile is a meta-search engine, also called an aggregate search engine. The Dogpile browser combines crawlers from every other search engine and provides a wider selection of search results. 

Anyone dissatisfied with the search results they’re getting will appreciate the results on Dogpile as it offers the best of what the internet offers. Ever since its inception, more and more people have started using Dogpile.  

How Does Dogpile Work?

Dogpile derives its search results through Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other popular search engines. Upon its release in 1996, Dogpile was compared to Metacrawler, another Meta search engine, but it quickly became more successful as it was more advanced.

As an aggregate search engine, it uses search crawlers from every other search engine and presents more accurate and useful search results. 

Compared with other search engines, Dogpile has a very simple interface and design, which resembles how the Internet looked in the past.

Requiring no additional or advanced settings, Dogpile is easy to use & has a very simple interface; the only thing you need to do is search, and you’ll see the results. 

Something the Dogpile search engine lacks is being as advanced as other search engines. The first thing you’ll notice when visiting www dogpile com is that it doesn’t have as many features as Google. 

Searching on Dogpile, you can see it in Web, Image & Video format, with a news format also available. Despite its limited features, Dogpile’s search results are still superior to other search engines. Below we have mentioned how Dogpile’s search results are different browsers.

How Are Dogpile Search Results Different From Other Browsers?

When compared, a meta-search engine is bound to be a lot better than search engines in a lot of areas. Dogpile’s job as a meta-search engine is to combine the indexes of different search engines and present them as one. 

When it comes to search engines, Dogpile’s capabilities shouldn’t be compared to any other engine as it already contains the best of each search engine and gives results better than theirs. 

During a study done by Dogpile.com, where search engines were measured, it was noticed that only 3.2% of search results were similar across all of them. This proved that search engines miss out on a lot of stuff.

Dogpile solved this problem by combining the search results of different engines and offering them.

It should be noted that Dogpile removes duplicates and arranges the results according to their relation to the search term. 

How To Access Dogpile Search Engine?

The term Meta/Aggregate search engine might make it seem like the Dogpile search engine is out of reach for most people, but it is easily accessible.

You can easily use the dogpile.com search engine by just typing into your browser or downloading it. 

dogpile browser download

Here’s how to use the Dogpile search engine: 

  1. Open your browser
    open your browser
  1. Click on the search bar
    Click on search bar
  1. Search for dogpile.com 
    dogpile.com search engine
  1. Click on the first link
    www dogpile com

Now you can freely use Dogpile and search for anything you want. 

How To Access Dogpile From Mobile?

Mobile users can also access the Dogpile search engine. You can go through the same process as above and access the Dogpile search engine from your mobile or you can download the official Dogpile app. 

  1. Open the PlayStore or App Store
    open play store or app store
  1. Search for Dogpile

Search for dogpile

  1. Install Dogpile
    install dogpile

Downloading Dogpile will allow easy access to the search engine.

How To Set Dogpile As The Default Search Engine on Different Browsers?

A trick you should be aware of is that you can set Dogpile as your default search engine on your preferred browser. Below we have covered the process for multiple browsers, make sure to go through them and apply every step as it is given.

How to Set Dogpile as the Default Search Engine on Google Chrome?

Dogpile may be the better search engine but Google Chrome is the better browser. By following the steps below you can combine both of them.

  1. Start Google Chrome
    start google chrome
  1. Click on the “More” Option
    click on more option
  1. Open Settings
    open settings
  1. Click on “Search Engine
    click on search engine
  1. Select “Manage Search Engines & Site Search
    manage search engines & site search
  1. Select a Search Engine you want to remove & click on the “Edit
    select the search engine you want to remove
  1. Input www dogpile com as the web address
    insert www dogpile com
  1. Click on Save
    click on save
  1. Now click on “Search Engine Used In The Search Bar
    search engines used in the search bar
  1. Select Dogpile.com Search Engine
    select dogpile search engine

After applying these steps, you will be able to access the Dogpile browser from Google Chrome.

How To Set Dogpile as the Default Search Engine on Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge also has an easy interface that allows customization. Follow the process below to activate the Dogpile browser from Microsoft Edge.

  1. Start Microsoft Edge
  1. Click on the “More” option
    click on more
  1. Go to Settings
  1. Select Privacy, Search & Settings
    privacy, search, and services
  1. Click on Address Bar & Search
    address bar and search
  1. Select Dogpile Search Engine

This will allow you to remove Bing and set Dogpile as the default search engine which is a massive upgrade.

How To Set Dogpile as the Default Search Engine on Firefox?

Firefox is another beloved search browser, it also allows customization and you can easily set Dogpile as its default search browser by following the steps below:

  1. Open Firefox
  1. Click on “More” in section
  1. Click on “Settings
  1. Go To “Search” 
    go to search
  1. Select Default Search Engine 
    click on default search engine
  1. Choose Dogpile as your Default Search Engine

That’s all you need to do to permanently set Dogpile as your default search engine on the Firefox browser.

How To Remove Dogpile As the Default Search Engine?

After knowing how to set Dogpile as your default search engine you should also know how to remove Dogpile as the default option. 

You can go through the whole process again and this time choose a search engine other than Dogpile. This will remove Dogpile as your default search engine.

For a browser like Google Chrome you can:

  1. Go to Settings
    open settings
  1. Click on Default Browser
    default browser
  1. Select Make Default
    make default

Doing this will reset any changes you have made and will Reinstate Google as your default browser.

Now that you’re somewhat familiar with the Dogpile search engine, we can move forward and address something important like “is Dogpile better than other search engines?”

Below we have addressed this topic; reading the section, you’ll know how Dogpile performs against its competitor and the pros & cons of using the Dogpile search engine.

Is Dogpile Better Than Other Search Engines?

Despite being a search engine that offers better search results than any other search engine, Dogpile fails to be a complete improvement over other search engines.

The sole reason for it being Dogpile not being as advanced as other engines & browsers. While other browsers are known for regularly updating features and improving, Dogpile hasn’t made any improvements in its meta-search engine, and it is in the same condition as it was in 1996.

When compared to Google, which is the world’s leading search engine, Dogpile might not be the better option.

The first difference you’ll notice when searching on Dogpile is that it will provide only a limited set of options like Images, Videos, Articles & News. Google, on the other hand, will provide you with multi-category results like web pages, Images, Videos, Shopping, Maps, Books & Finance.

Google is also much more than a browser or search engine; keeping up with the technology and being innovative, Google provides a set of interconnected services that gives Google users a big set of advantages. Dogpile fails in comparison in this regard, as it is only a search engine. 

Even compared with other search engines, Dogpile will fail in comparison as it is outdated because of not being updated. The Dogpile search engine is considered a relic of the past as it contains every aspect of it and none of the current features which are provided by other search engines.

While Dogpile is a better search engine, it fails to provide what other browsers are capable of doing, but Dogpile still provides value which you can read below.

Benefits Of Using Dogpile Search Engine

The biggest asset of Dogpile is its meta-search engine, using which you will be able to find anything on the internet with just a search. Another benefit of Dogpile is its minimal design which will give you nostalgia for the old days. 

Though it may be outdated in front of other engines & Browsers, Dogpile will still be a tool that will help you in times of need.

Below we have given you the downsides of using the Dogpile search engine; going through that, you’ll get the complete picture of Dogpile and will know if it is for you.

Downside of Using Dogpile

Just like other services, there are downsides to using Dogpile. It can range from a lack of modern features to privacy policies (mentioned below).

It should be noted that a shift from Google Chrome or any other browser to Dogpile will be a downgrade for some people. The sole reason is that Dogpile isn’t as advanced as Chrome or Bing.

Another downside is that you won’t be able to customize your search results or use a filter on Dogpile, something that is possible without any issues on other browsers.

So far, the biggest Downside of using Dogpile is its privacy policies. You can read more about them below and see why agreeing to them can be a bad idea.

Dogpile’s Privacy Policy

Dogpile’s privacy policy is the worst thing about the search engine. In the privacy policy, it is given that Dogpile will collect all kinds of data from its users.

Dogpile’s privacy policy

The data can range from IP address, your real address, your email address, your contact info, and every other info which Dogpile can get its hands on. It is not a secret that search engines generate their revenue by collecting the private info of their users. 

Dogpile collects its users’ private data and analyzes it to provide better search results. While it is something every search engine does, Dogpile takes it a step further and takes a lot more than it should have. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know everything you need about Dogpile, you can make the right choice about whether to use it or not. 

Dogpile has some flaws which go against it, but its pros should not be ignored. At the end of the day, Dogpile is a meta-search engine that provides a better search index than other search engines. 

Though we will not suggest a complete shift from Google chrome to Dogpile, we still advocate for keeping Dogpile within easy reach as it can still provide you with what other search engines can’t. 

Whether you like Dogpile or not, you will surely appreciate its search capabilities. 


Ans: Dogpile uses all the leading search engines at the time to create its search index.

Ans: Yes, you can count on Dogpile to provide you with better search results than other engines. Dogpile can also be used to find results that are not available on other search engines.

Ans: Both Google & Dogpile are similar when it comes to having bad privacy policies. While Dogpile’s privacy policy isn’t better than Google’s, Dogpile is still a safer option as it doesn’t collect Data on a scale as big as Google’s.

Ans: Yes, Dogpile still has a massive fan following as it provides better search results than other engines.

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